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We created Blue Spectrum Books to explore and produce books on a wide range of topics and genres. Our goal is first to find those interesting, and sometimes quirky, products that invite a reader to awaken their imaginations. Whether the reader is a child, an adult, or an adult that dreams like a child, we create books, especially for your interests.

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Your Kids Can Be Writers: 40 Story Prompts to Spark Their Creative Genius by Lynn Garthwaite


Help your children become writers!
Telling fun stories is natural for children with sweet and adventurous imaginations, and parents guiding them can show their dreams are only as limited as their imaginations.


Once children experience the reward of expressing those ideas, the world — and beyond — is theirs.
Writing can become a family activity, but can also provide a rewarding solitary practice your kids can carry through their entire lives.

The book has ideas for families, encouragement for young storytellers, and starter prompts to jumpstart those amazing stories your kids have inside.


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